Published Work

Sarah contributes regularly to a range of published information services, including digests and is the author of several books.

Sarah Bradford writes extensively on tax and National Insurance contributions. Her published work includes the following.


Sarah contributes regular articles to the following newsletters:

  • Taxes – the Weekly Tax News (CCH)
  • Tax Briefing (CCH)
  • NIC News (CCH)
  • Payroll Briefing (CCH)
  • Employment Briefing (CCH)
  • Payroll Professional (IPP)
  • Practice Track
  • Tax Tips and Advice (Indicator)
  • Tax Insider
  • Property Tax Insider

Sarah also contributes articles on an ad hoc basis to a number of other publications.

Updating and commentary services

Sarah also updates existing commentary and provides new commentary where required. She has worked on the following online and loose-leaf services

  • Simons Direct Tax Service (Lexis Nexis Butterworth Tolley)
  • Croner-i (Croner)
  • British Tax Reporter (CCH)
  • Tax on Tansactions (Bloomsbury Publishing)
  • Tax Compliance Manual (Bloomsbury Publishing)
  • Croner A – Z of Employment (Croner)
  • Croner consult workflow (Croner)


Sarah has worked extensively on updating both direct and indirect tax legislation and has been worked on CCH Tax Statutes and Statutory Instruments since 1992. More recently she has compiled CCH Customs and Excise Duties Legislation, on which she also undertakes regular updating work.


Sarah has written a number of books. She contributes to a range of titles.

Main author

  • National Insurance Contributions 2008/09 and 2009/10 (Bloomsbury Professional)
  • Statutory Payments Handbook (CCH)
  • Taxation of Specialist Occupations (CCH)
  • P11D Guide (Indicator)


  • Finance Act Handbook (several editions) (Tolley)
  • Tolley’s Employment Handbook (Tolley)
  • Tax Planning (CCH)
  • Taxbriefs tax guide (Tax briefs)


CCH Tax Digests

  • Pension contributions and high earners
  • National Insurance contributions and the self employed
  • Extracting profits from the family company
  • Income from property
  • Deductions from earnings
  • Exemptions from earnings
  • Employee share schemes
  • Tax and civil partnership

Tolley Tax Digests

  • Completing expenses and benefits returns
  • Private residence relief
  • Tax on the family home

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