HMRC issue update on turnaround times of paper agent forms

01 November 2010

HMRC have issued an update on the revised turnaround times for processing paper 64-8s, self-assessment registration and self-employment registration. In August 2010, HMRC advised that as a result of redeployment of resources to more urgent work, turnaround times would increase.

The turnaround time is the time from posting the form until the request becomes active.

The following table, which appears on the HMRC website, shows the time that agents should currently allow and the target by turnaround time by 31 December 2010.



Please allow

By 31 December 2010

Form 64-8 for Self Assessment

2 weeks

2 weeks

All other forms 64-8

6 weeks

5 weeks

Self Assessment registrations

6 weeks

6 weeks

Self-employment registrations

8 weeks

6 weeks


Further information is available on the HMRC website.